IC417 and NGC1931 open clusters surrounded by emission and reflection nebula in Auriga. On the northern hemisphere Auriga is an emblematic winter constellation. As the Milky Way runs through it, numerous open clusters and wide field of interstellar matter can be seen here. A small part of it is pictured in this H-alpha and RGB composit image.

Scope: 200/800 SkyWatcher Newton
Mount: SkyWatcher NEQ6 pro upgraded
Guiding: Lacerta MGen autoguider
Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Exposure: 135*5 min on ISO 800 + 26*15 min H-alpha 12 nm (Astronomic)
Date: from 2016.10.30-2017.01.21
Location: Kékes-tető, Ágasvár, Tardos

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