Messier 8 a.k.a Lagoon nebula is an emblematic object of the famous Messier catalog. It is located in the Sagittarius constellation towards the center of Milky Way. M8 is actually a star forming region but a wide field of interstellar gas and dust surrounds it. As the newly born stars’ strong stellar wind blows a hughe hollow has been created. This is the Lagoon nebula itself. Red glow comes from the emission light of ionized hydrogen while other material reflects or absorbs the visible light of the young and hot stars of the cluster M8.

Scope: 200/800 SkyWatcher Newton
Mount: SkyWatcher NEQ6 pro upgraded
Guiding: Lacerta MGen autoguider
Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Exposure: 57*300min + 20*10sev
Date: 2018.05.10-05.11
Location: Isabis-Namibia

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