If it is autumn, then it’s Cassiopeia, and as we are still deep in the disk of Milky Way, the menu is open cluster and red glowing clouds of hydrogen. The picture shows Messier 52 open cluster and NGC7635 Bubble nebula. It seems that the two object are only 0,5 arc-sec far away from each other, in reality they are much more farther. While the Bubble nebula which is created and is being forced to glow in H alpha light by a super giant star and is 7 000 light years away, M52 is about 3000-7000 ly. The uncertainty comes from the fact that interstellar dust absorbs light making the measurment and estimation less accurate. The inflation of the gas bubble is still in progress. During that one week, while I was shooting at it, it expanded 1 billion km.

123*5 min ISO800
200/800 Newton carbon astrograf
Canon EOS 600D modded
EQ6 goto mount (belt drieve)
Lacerta Mgen autoguider
Mátra – Zselic, 01.09.2016

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