Messier 78 queen of reflection nebulas

Messier 78 is definitely one of the most beautiful deep sky objects. It truly deserves the queen of reflection nebulas title. What we see, is clusters of newly born young stars and interstellar dust, as it orders by the star’s gravity and forces of stellar wind. This composition greatly shows the contrast of star formation, as it violently whirls enormous amount of dust and gas, like ancient demons fight while actually new star systems, new cosmic life is being born.

The image was made by stacking 189 five minutes sub expos which were acquired during 7 nights at 3 different location.

Scope: 200/800 SkyWatcher Newton
Mount: SkyWatcher NEQ6 pro upgraded
Guiding: Lacerta MGen autoguider
Camera: Canon EOS 600D
Exposure: 189*5 min on ISO 800 
Date: from 2016.10.30 to 2017.12.31
Location: Kékes-tető, Ágasvár, Mezőfalva, Zselic

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