The soul of my equipment is a 200/800 Newton telescope built into a carbon tube by SkyWatcher, which was modified according to my individual needs with the help of Iván Éder. During the conversion, the OTA was given a Lacerta Bearing Type focuser, and the factory secondary mirror holder core and spider legs were replaced with a custom-designed version.

A SkyWatcher NEQ6 Pro mount is responsible for moving the scope, which also received a belt drive by Iván Éder.

Until the end of 2019, I took my photos with a CANON EOS 600D camera modified to astrophotography and a SkyWatcher F4 coma corrector. Precise guiding was provided by the great Hungarian-designed Lacerta MGen II Autoguider,it has been used for many years.

In early 2020 I replaced my CANON camera with  cameras developed for astronomical purposes. Because the benefits of back illuminated CMOS sensors and classic astronomical CCDs are not yet combined in a single solution, I use a ZWO ASI 183MM pro to photograph compact bright objects, while capturing large, dim nebulae with a Moravian G3 Mark II 16200 CCD. I use an Astronomik L2 luminance filter and an Astronomik Deep Skye RGB kit for both systems. I still use the Hungarian-designed excellent SkyWatcher F4 corrector for the ZWO ASI camera, but a Pracorr Type II corrector was also added to the Moravian set up for this purpose. 

I control both systems with a Rasbian operating system and INDI / EKOS control software installed on a Raspberry Pi4, hence the EKOS Internal Guider and a ZWO ASI 120 mini camera take care of guiding.

I would also like to thank my friends Patrik Tarczi, László Francsics, Iván Éder, Gábor Tóth, Flórián Vámosi and Bence Tóth for their support, without whom photography would not be so cloudless (haha) and joyful.